Website Updates

You need to update your website.
How do we keep it simple.

  • How do I communicate updates to you?

    This is where you will find we are majorly different to companies you’ve spoke to before. We do not have complicated request forms. You can simply email us (or use our helpdesk) with a plain text, word document (or any other type of file type) and we’ll work to ensure we understand the request and it is scheduled to be done.

  • What happens if I need more updates than my allotted time?

    Our based package provides 2 hours of maintenance on your website each month. This may include updates of web applications, content updates or some minor redevelopment. If you require more than 2 hours you have several options:
    – One off payment of hours (Higher hourly rate, one off payment)
    – Increase the hours you have each month (Lower hourly rate, on going payment)
    – Request a “Job Quote” and pay a set fee for the work done (combination of the above used for longer / harder projects)

  • I don’t know what to update?

    Ask us! We are here to help and are your website partner. If you are struggling for an update we will provide you with ideas to use for your two hours of allotted time. The more you use our service the more value we’ll provide.
  • We cannot put into text what needs to be done?

    Open a ticket with our helpdesk and an account manager will schedule time to call you.

  • We aren’t sure if something is able to be done?

    Talk to us.