Software We Use

Hosting can be complicated.
See how we’ve made it simple.

  • cPanel, is it the best?

    We think so, there isn’t anything out there that allows people to manage their web services better. You can setup databases, email addresses, mailing lists and more.

  • What auto installer do you use?

    We use Softaculous, it provides the most up-to-date scripts, adds new software quickly on request and provides a nice user interface. In addition to this the auto updated features work better than competitors.

  • What backup software is used?

    We use JetBackups and a custom on/off site setup to ensure databases are backed up and able to be quickly restored. Our custom setup interfaces with cPanel control panel to ensure restoring is easy to use and we retain a large amount of backups for each level of account.
  • Does Litespeed make the server quicker?

    At the start of a server no! Generally new servers will run as quick no matter what is being used. Once you have a few websites on the server you slowly start to notice a big difference with Litespeed and it starts to justify its large cost!

  • Do you protect my website?

    In order to keep our customers safe (and to protect our servers) we use a premium software called imunify360, this is a market leading product from the long established creators of CloudLinux. Our servers also employ customised Mod Security rules to further enhance the built in protections of your web applications.

  • Do you cache websites?

    One of the best features of Litespeed is the caching. No other caching system runs faster while causing the minimum of issues. We’ve tested Varnish, custom Nginx proxies and everything out there and believe our setup holds its own.

  • Do you limit resources?

    To ensure all customers get a fair amount of resources we hold each account within its own set of resources. These are monitored and managed to ensure your website is running quickly and abuse issues are found and fixed quickly while having minimal affects on other customers

  • Can I ask for custom server software to be installed?

    Of course you can, however we reserve the right to say no. Our shared servers try to balance the needs of every customer and to do this we cannot run every type of software. We’ll always take requests and suggestions into consideration and do what we can to facilitate requests.

    If this doesn’t work we have a range of advanced solutions you may be able to use.