Our Servers

A solid base for your website!
Things people ask us are below.

  • What hardware do you use?

    We use enterprise level CPUs, Memory and SSD drives. Typical Setup’s are: 1270v5 CPU, 32gb ram, 960gb SSD’s

  • Other hosts have higher spec machines, is this better for me?

    The short answer is no! Higher spec machines means more densely populated machines. In a shared hosting environment the more accounts on the server generally the worse it performs. We keep servers relatively small and low density, more servers on our side does cause more licensing and other costs, however its worth it to give our customers a better more stable service.

  • Are your servers Cloud?

    The following line may change your life! Cloud is a marketing term lie. If you were to be told your website was being hosted on a Desktop PC would you be impressed? The majority of Cloud is simply a VPS hosted on a cloud platform. Cloud generally is another form of packing people onto hardware to get the highest density (and therefore profit) possible.

    We use Virtualized dedicated servers to host our services. This gives us the ultimate control over the server and ensures should something go wrong we can quickly fix it. A quick google search of “cloud nas failure” will give you enough reading to have nightmares!

    Real cloud applications consist of multiple end point web servers, load balanced, with replicated back end storage, dont forget failover clustered database servers. Sounds complicated? It is and it is very costly to setup and manage!

  • Do you servers have a control panel?

    To make it easy for our customers to administer their website we use cPanel control panel. It is the market leader for a reason. View more about our software here

  • Can I see issues you’ve had in the past?

    Sure! Head on over to status. This shows any major downtime we’ve had in addition to scheduled maintenance.

  • Do you backup your servers?

    We do! Our backups generally run every 6 hours, to ensure they complete quickly and we do not have long periods of extra CPU / OI activity on the servers. Generally the backups are taken to provide a “worse case scenario” option, however we run them anyway and allow our customers to access them!

    Yes we could charge for something that happens anyway, but we do not really see the point.