The foundations made out of rock.
Check these common questions about our infrastructure.

    • How secure is your infrastructure?

      Easy answer. VERY! We use Cloud infrastructure which is highly secured, in addition to encrypted and secured user areas, internal documentation and all internal services.

    • Do you have DDOS protection?

      We use Cloudflare and have over 500gbps protection. DDOS unfortunately become a requirement of any modern business and we have ensured we have market leading protection to protect our customers.

    • How do you use Cloud?

      Our services run using Google Cloud and the Digital Ocean cloud. This ensures that in addition to a secure and stable hosting environment, we are able to quickly clone development environments to adhere to our safe development practises.

    • Do you protect my website?

      All of our packages include our basic security scans to ensure the web application you are using is an up-to-date version, in addition to security port and firewall scans. We recommend customers take advantage of our advanced security scan tasks at least once a QTR.

    • Do you cache websites?

      Our web servers have CloudFlare cache built in. This keeps your website fast and takes care of a large amount of the security issues which happen on a day to day basis.

    • How are resources managed?

      Our hosting accounts all run within virtualized cloud environments, this ensures your website has the resources it needs to operate, without being affected by other websites on the platform

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