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Why Should Web Maintenance Include Illustration And Graphic Updates?

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Website illustrations have been used since the internet began to represent or display particular information that you want your visitors to see in your landing pages. But as we hit a new decade, trends in website illustration have also evolved.

Beginning from the simplest way of information interpretation, icons and graphics, we are now in an era where customers also put value on how elements on your website look like and if they are actually useful or not. You know, users usually get bored with the old usual way because they always crave for something new.

Aside from change, it is also important to take note of who your target market is. You need to create illustrations based on their demographics. Because if you hit them exactly where you’re supposed to, they are more likely to stay. Which for sure means a lot for your business.

HTTPSimple keeps track of what’s latest and new when it comes to illustrations. We make sure that our people are updated and knowledgeable on how to make effective illustrations for our clients. We also take other factors in consideration such as your brand, your leads, and of course your preference.

Here are Top 10 Illustration Trends For 2020 which you can refer to in order to create designs that would work for your website.

Last week we took a close look at the graphic design trends set to shape the next 12 months, and today we’re focussing on illustration. Here, leading artists and designers in the industry share the trends they’ve spotted recently and their predictions on what will be popular in the year to come. Of course, no one’s saying you have to follow these trends, but it’s certainly good to know what they are. 

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By: Tom May, Creative Bloq

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