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Important Metrics You Need To Measure To Track The Success Of Your Website

When posting articles or newsletters on your blogging website you need to be able to track important metrics to measure the reach or success of your contents. Especially if you own a blog and the purpose of your website is to monetize contents. Because the goal is to not just have people visit your page […]

How Can UX Design Affect Your Online Presence

User Experience (UX) design is a process used by designers and developers to enhance the overall experience of visitors when exploring and navigating a website, application or any software. In websites, the usability, accessibility, responsiveness and the general server-user interactions should be improved in order to satisfy the users and leave them a good impression. […]

The Secret To Having A Successful Presence Online

Photo by: Ali Yahya on Unsplash The simplest trick in making sure that your website has a successful presence online is to constantly check that it is being carefully taken care of. Updated, well-maintained and optimized. That’s the secret! Websites should never be left as it is but should be updated from time to time […]

Why Setting Up A Care Plan For Your Website Is Important

Photo by: Marten Bjork on Unsplash Having a website is not just about making it and letting it grow on its own. You need a concrete plan on how to make sure that your site grows an online presence and stays well-maintained and optimized. It also helps in making sure that you are prepared when unexpected events come-up […]

Managed WordPress Hosting: Key To Your Online Marketing Success

Photo by: Fikret tozak on Unsplash Managing different aspects of your small business is a lot to do. This includes finance, marketing, services, and even web hosting. That’s why it is important to look for people who you can trust to manage your website. May it be WordPress or Drupal, having a professional handle web hosting and maintenance […]

Redesigning Is Essential For Your Website And Here Are Some Reasons Why

Photo by: Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash The internet is a constant wheel of change. A new trend comes up and then fades in a span of weeks or months. Your website should be able to handle the steering wheel for it to have a better exposure online. Having your website redesigned from time to time helps it […]

Your Website Deserves The Best Care And Here’s How

Photo by: Headaway There are a lot of web hosting service providers in the market. But only a few do their job the way they’re supposed to do. If your web developer is not doing a good job, you’re probably just putting all of your investments into waste. Good services do not cause traffic on […]

Does Your Web Hosting Service Provider Takes Good Care Of Your Website?

The importance of having your website professionally hosted is crucial in this day and age of social media. Especially now that people are adapting to the new normal and almost everything needs to be online. In order to protect your website and to make sure that it runs smoothly, you can have it hosted with […]

How Important Is Website Security For Your Small Business?

A lot of businesses such as Macy’s and Disney Plus had their websites compromised by cyber criminals last year. This caused traffic in their operations and it cost them a lot with the interventions. That’s why it is important to make sure that your business’ website is secure and is taken care of. Something that […]