Most Common Web Design Mistakes
Most Common Web Design Mistakes Your Business Website Should Avoid

Are you sure that your web design is effective in attracting traffic for your website?

There are different web design mistakes every web developer and hosting service provider should watch out to make sure that a website’s UID and UXD are giving the visitors good experience and their web design brands the business well.

One of the most common mistakes is when designers tend to do too much that the main purpose of the website is not highlighted anymore. It is important to make sure that the business name, products and service offerings are displayed prominently on the website especially on the homepage.

Navigation complexity is also something to watch out. It is necessary to guarantee ease to visitors when they are making their way around the website pages. Buttons and other navigation elements should be placed on every page to make sure that users are able to navigate from one page to another.

Another common mistake to avoid is a website’s inability to be readable especially to users who have visual problems. Stick with easy to read high-contrast typefaces and low-contrast background combinations. Although browsers now have scaling options, you still have to make sure that your text sizes are readable.

Visitors are sometimes annoyed with pop-up messages and videos that automatically play. So you need to take care of that. Make sure that the website is clean and free from errors like grammar and typography mistakes. Accuracy is key in every website because visitors might question the business’s credibility.

And most importantly you can’t just do whatever you want. As a web designer, your priority is still your client’s preferences. You have to ask how they want it to look like and use your creativity and experience to turn their vision into reality.

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Here are web design tips you can do to improve your website. Check this article from Brett Alvarez.

Having a well-made website can be the difference between a potential customer walking away or making a sale. Everyone has a website for their company these days. It’s hard to find one that doesn’t have at least something available online. This is your chance to shine. It’s your chance to show people why they should choose you over someone else.

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By: Brett Alvarez, My Story

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