Does Your Web Hosting Service Provider Takes Good Care Of Your Website?

The importance of having your website professionally hosted is crucial in this day and age of social media. Especially now that people are adapting to the new normal and almost everything needs to be online. In order to protect your website and to make sure that it runs smoothly, you can have it hosted with us here on HTTP Simple. Do you have any questions? Here’s an article you can read by Tony Mester to know if you already need your web hosting experience recalibrated or not. If you do, hit us up!

If you’re hosted on a shared server, and you’ve got a busy ecommerce website then maybe you’re starting to notice sluggish performance at peak times or during busy seasonal periods. If so the chances are that your RAM hungry shopping cart application is just running out of juice. The thing is that shared hosting is intended to meet the needs of the majority. That means that key server resources, such as CPU and RAM, are shared evenly amongst all the websites on that server. As a result you just have to wait in the queue to get the power that you… Continue Reading

By: Tony Messer,

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