Do You Wonder Why Some Page Elements Don’t Work When You Click Them? Here’s Why:

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Businesses are now getting online to get exposure to possible customers. And one thing that you need to make sure of in order for people to see you on the internet is to achieve a high SEO ranking.

In order for you to increase your rank, it is essential to keep your website updated and your HTML elements maintained and watched by people who you can trust.

HTTP Simple is a web host that you can be confident of when it comes to updating and maintaining your website. Here, we have skillful web developers that keep track of your website to make sure that it is always up to date.

Ryan Grist in his article explains why some HTML gets deprecated from time to time.

Over the years, our way of thinking about HTML has evolved. Originally, it was an all-purpose markup language for displaying and styling content online. Over time, as external stylesheets became more of a thing, it began to make more sense to think about web development differently — as a separation of concerns where HTML defines the content of a page, and CSS handles the presentation of it.

This separation of style and content brings numerous benefits:

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By: Ryan Grist, CSS-Tricks

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