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Probably by now, you already know how important design is for your website. May it be for visual appeal or for user experience.

Many have tried building a website but not everyone succeeds because they are missing a point or two when designing their pages. There are a lot of things to remember so that you can build your website to success.

First thing, and the most important, is to identify the purpose of your website. What type of business do you have and how do you want to brand it? What is this website for? Who do you expect to visit your website? How can you attract them? These are just a few questions you need to answer in order to identify the purpose of your website, how you want it to look like, and the strategies you’ll be using to grow traffic.

If you have already identified what you want for your website, the next step is to look for design trends. You can easily look for trends online by looking at your competitors’ website or by reading articles. This is helpful in web design because it can help you gather inspiration to generate ideas for your own website. After all, old school websites or those that do not follow the trend are less likely to sell.

After gathering enough idea and inspiration, you can now choose a platform to design your website. There are a lot of website builders and CMS that can help you in creating your website easily, and they are all over the internet. You just have to do some researching so that you can know which suits your needs and budget the most. CMS and web builders are helpful especially if you want to design your website yourself because they offer tools and plugins you can use for your pages. You can also choose templates you can work on to customize your website.

If you’re done designing and customizing your website, next step to take is to start adding and reviewing elements, contents, keywords and tags for optimization. Reviewing your website is a must because you need to make sure that it runs smoothly for user experience, optimized for SEO and encrypted for security. If you think everything is good and working well, you can now launch your website pages.

Make sure to constantly update your website, consistently upload contents and do maintenance checks to increase web traffic.

If all these work seems heavy for you, web hosting companies such as HTTPSimple are there to help you build, design, update and maintain your website. We can help you succeed with your online journey by giving you our committed and quality service.

Jamie FitzHenry noted the importance of web design for your website.

First impressions are everything online and you need to make a good one quickly. Your visitors will have decided if they like what they see or not within 0.05 seconds!

The design, copy, and layout of your site have to make visitors want to stick around long enough to find out more about your brand and your goods and services offered. That’s the only way they’ll become customers.

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By: Jamie FitzHenry, The Realtime Report

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