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Types OF TLDs And How They Are Used

As a website owner, you probably know how important coming up with a domain name is. It plays a big role in identifying the success of your online presence. Domain name is the name given to your website. Basically, it is the combination of letters, numbers and characters that your users input into their URL […]

Some Of The Most Important Plugins You Need To Install On Your CMS

As of February 2020, almost 20% or 455 million websites are using WordPress to manage their pages. And to help these people design, maintain and update their websites regularly, they install plugins to help them do various jobs easier and faster. There are various types of plugins you can install on your WordPress admin panel […]

How Can You Globalize Your Business

With the changes brought by the internet and the advancement of modern technology, businesses should be able to adapt with such changes and make sure that they use it to their advantage. Online marketing has been a trend for a time and it helped a lot of companies grow their community and increase their sales. […]

Why Should You Be Considerate When Building A Website

Your main goal in creating a website is to attract visitors and grow traffic in order for you to market your product and sell. But everyone on the web do not possess the same capability needed to access your website or enter your landing pages. They rely on sites being accessible. That is why it […]

Advantages Of A Mobile-Friendly Website

Most internet users are searching the internet through their mobile devices. That’s why it is really important for small businesses who market their products and services online to create a responsive design for their websites. It can help them improve their website’s accessibility and make it compatible with the device that their visitors are using. […]