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With a fast growing internet industry a lot of websites have been coming up and most of them are hard to access because of their poor website maintenance.

Accessibility is a key when it comes to having a good presence online. If your website is slow, the exposure for your business is also slow. Slow page loading causes delay in our lives and so it does in your enterprise.

HTTP Simple team ensures to maintain your website even if it’s not under your monitoring. Accessibility is one of our core principles when it comes to website development. And we make sure that we do our job even without supervision.

In an article by Robin Rendle, he noted that accessibility is not just a mere web feature but it is the foundation for a good online presence.

…With that in mind, it’s not just bad software design and development if a website is slow. Performance and accessibility aren’t features that can linger at the bottom of a Jira board to be considered later when it’s convenient.

Instead we must start to see inaccessible and slow websites for what they are: a form of cruelty. And if we want to build a web that is truly a World Wide Web, a place for all and everyone, a web that is accessible and fast for as many people as possible, and one that will outlive us all, then first we must make our websites something else altogether; we must make them kind.

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By: Robin Rendle, CSS-Tricks

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