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Highly motivated.
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Our Business is founded on the hard work of individuals, forming a team that produces great results. We treat our staff well, all of the management team have had significant experience in the hosting industry at lower levels and this knowledge is used every day!

Here at HTTP Simple we understand a bad experience can outweigh the good work we’ve been doing for many years. Every staff member is provided with the ability to make informed decisions to make you happy and will always get a second opinion should a customer be having issues.

We are commited with our customers.

Our Products are designed with YOU in mind.

Hosting Services

Providing a home for your website

Website Maintenance

Keeping your website alive

Backup Services

Ensuring you have a fall back plan.

Professional Email

Cloud filters stop spam getting to you.

Great teams provide greatĀ support.
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James O'Hara
Technical Operations

Long time hosting and operational Expert.

Alysha Davis
Quality Assurance

Numerous roles within large scaling hosting operations

From its early beginnings (2008) our own business HTTP Simple has provided large scale IT infrastructure to UK based business. We ventured into consumer based products with our HTTPZoom brand which proved to be hugely successful and revolutionalised the Lowend VPS Market.

After seeing the large scale consolidation of the UK hosting market by “the big players” I believe now is the time to really push HTTPSimple forward and continue to grow our already stellar reputation and services.

HTTPSimple itself was setup by individuals who have long histories within the industry (totalling over 50 years between them) and produced a platform which not only competes which much large companies, but puts them to shame. Our ethos will always be to please our customers and provide clear and concise information, open and honest on the inside and outside.